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There is so much interesting stuff that Apple did not tell us in their recent keynote launch so here are 33 +  new hidden features we bet you didn’t know… TOP ios 11 Hidden...


Tell Me What Sculptures Really Are ?

  A sculpture is a three-dimensional form of art, unlike painting which is two-dimensional because it is done on a flat surface. A piece of sculpture can be touched and felt and has many surfaces. sculptures can...


4 Popular Sculptures Of All Time

Sculptures have been created by man since early history for all reasons, and in all sizes, these magnificent wonders which represent everything from religious deities to influential people, historic events to artistic expressions, have...

plasticine mold for fidget spinner 0

Make A Crazy Diy Gallium Fidget Spinner

  Casting low melting points metals like the gallium melting is really a thing you can do at home. Follow this guide to make your own gallium casted fidget spinner. Gallium is a chemical...


Wow ! Glow in the Dark Beach in Sweden

Glimpses of an alien world? No, this ghostly blue beach is in Sweden and lit up by clusters of glowing plankton Millions of plankton glowed to light up a beach on the tiny island...

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